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Stenner Chlorination System

This system has a chlorine injection pump which injects the chlorine at the recommended disinfectant dosage, into the well pressure tank where it is mixed with your raw well water. The chlorinated water then moves to a retention tank where it should get about a twenty minute contact time. The chlorinated water then runs through a carbon filter where the chlorine and sediment are removed. The sanitized water then can be run through a water softener if required. For pure drinking water it can now be connected to a reverse osmosis unit. At this point for your further protection an Ultra Violet Light could be installed to give you perfect odourless clear pure sanitized drinking water.

268/742 1.5 CU FT Carbon Filter

This Self Flushing High Flow Carbon Filter is employed to remove the Chlorine, from your household water and ensures that this Chlorine doesn't get into your septic system. It also removes sediment, odours and improves the water taste. This filter has 1 inch inlets and outlets to ensure high flow service throughout your home and has easy to set digital settings.

Retention Tanks

  • Contact Tank for Water Treatment
  • Corrosion-proof composite construction
  • One piece, seamless inner shell molded of premium high-density polyethylene
  • Sturdy molded polymeric base is corrosion and impact proof
  • Outer shell is a composite of continuous fiberglass strands sealed with high-grade epoxy resin
  • Inlet/Outlet PVC Pipe Connections - allow straight through T connection on bottom of tank for ease of piping.
  • Blowdown Valve - for easy removal of sludge from tank bottom
  • Hydro pneumatic Convertible - optional air volume control assembly and micronizer provide for quick and easy tank conversion.
  • Higher Performance - When adapted for hydro pneumatic applications, the Universal Series provides 50% more draw down than similarly sized conventional tanks
  • Factory Backed Warranty: Five year warranty

Pumps & Tanks



Water Meter

The Pump Control Module (PCM) is used with Stenner’s fixed output metering pump to inject chemicals via the dry contact water meter. Ideal for a variety of water treatment applications including pH control, disinfection, and oxidation. Activated by a pulse signal from the water meter, the PCM interfaces with the metering pump to deliver precise chemical feed proportional to the system’s flow rate. There are four models available with different time ranges that are factory pre-set per the specific models. The time range can be changed to convert the PCM to any of the other available settings without purchasing another model.

Proportional Feed System Installation

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