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Valumax 263/740 Time Clock Control - Backwashing Filters

Filter Media (select according to purpose):

  • BIRM (iron removal)
  • CALCITE (increase pH of acidic water)
  • KDF55 (chlorine and lead removal)
  • KDF85 (iron and hydrogen sulfide reduction)
  • MANGANESE GREENSAND (iron and sulfide removal)
  • GAC (chlorine, the by-products of chlorination, pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals in general).

Backwashing Filters Standard Features:

  • 1" Distributor w/Upper Basket
  • Time Clock Control “Clock is Simple to Set”

Oxidizing and Aeration Tanks

Hydropneumatic – “HP” Series — Designed for applications where sulfur, iron, methane gases and hypochloride environments are an issue. These high performance tanks can be used for aggressive water, or as an open system where air is introduced to oxidize and aerate. Typically used to Oxidize the water and is installed up stream of a BIRM or Carbon Filter.

Air Volume Controller

Gast Air Injection Pump 120 Volts

For injection of air into water system for oxidization. This is a quiet running pump with a muffler.

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